Text: 1Pet.1:23; 1Tim 3:15.
Objective: To enlighten and entrench the new birth (word & Spirit birth) lifestyle to become a culture among all members of the church.

When we get born again, we are birthed into a spiritual world. We draw our essence from that consciousness. This new birth has its own lifestyle. The values of this terrestrial world are different and many times opposite to the spiritual world; which is our new heritage particularly in Christ. In the natural, we feed our body to grow with natural food, but in the spirit we feed our spirit with Spiritual food (i.e the Word of God). The life in the spirit is made up of its own values and culture.

This culture must be taught and understood and encouraged at all times for the beauty of our heavenly heritage to be experienced. For example, if a Christian betrays his heavenly culture of the Word and the Spirit and goes around talking lack and penury and sickness, he though being of a superior heritage will suffer much hardship simply because he does not have a culture of speaking faith filled words in His daily lifestyle.

However, in 1 Tim.4:13-16, some of the cultural values expected from us as believers are listed. It particularly affirms that if we take these things (i.e these culture and other recommendations made) seriously, we will make significant progress that cannot be ignored but rather envied.

So today in this particular study, we seek to appreciate the value of the new life we have received in Christ Jesus and to cultivate the culture of the Word and the Spirit so that we will truly experience the fullness of the quality of life we have received in Christ Jesus. Be blessed as we study along. Amen!

Questions for discussion

1) What does the word culture mean?

2) Can we identify various natural and spiritual culture(s)?

3) What do you understand by culture of the Word?

4) What do you understand by the culture of the Spirit?

5) Is there any real benefit to cultivating or developing and practicing these spiritual culture? Please name them!

6) Is there any consequence whatsoever for not embracing the culture of the Word and Spirit?

7) How do I cultivate and practice these culture? Also when and where may practice my culture and my convictions?

Further Discussions

1) Culture means the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: the youth culture; the drug culture; the Christian culture. It also may be described in Anthropology as the sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another. In other words lifestyle peculiar to a people.

2) Natural will include, greeting, eating, giving out in marriage and other peculiar beliefs that may affect how it is done. Spiritual culture includes praying, fasting, reading, meditating, coming to church, faith, worship, speaking the truth, preaching the gospel, among a few.

3) Culture of the Word and the Spirit refers to the peculiar lifestyle that a Christian should undertake in line with his new nature. It is when He does this that his profiting will appear to all men. Examples of the culture of the Word is to read, study, meditate, preach and do. Because we are born of the Word we must be sustained by the Word. A person who will practice the Word as a lifestyle or culture must work with the back ground mentality that the Word of God is sovereign and supreme. John1:1; Ps.119:89; ps.138:2.

4) For the culture of the spirit, the believer is expected to be conscious of the fact that God is Spirit and if you must worship Him or please Him, this is not possible in the flesh. You must embrace and walk with God in the spirit. Rom.8:8; John 4:24. Examples of the culture of the spirit to cultivate is Prayer, fasting, giving, forgiveness, honesty, faithfulness, fellowship, lifting up of hands…!

5) There are very exciting benefits for cultivating these culture(s). Heb.11:6 says …God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. In Ps.1:1-2. We see the reward for doing things right and steering off mockers, ungodly and sinners. The Word of God says there that such a person will prosper in ALL that He does. Josh.1:8, Rev.1:3 and 1Tim.4:13,15 &16 tells us that the person who reads and preaches these things is blessed. In more specific sense, the believer who is given to study and to practice the scripture will be unshaken in the day of evil. The believer who truly believes will be saved. One who prays will have a strong and competent spirit man just to name a few. Please add to the list.

6) Yes, there are some clearly stated consequences for disregarding ones spiritual culture. Such a person may never receive anything from God. James.1:5-8. It also means all the blessings involved in the above scriptures will be a consequence from not committing to practicing them.

7) We practice and cultivate our culture with a conscious effort to respond more to the things of the Spirit. Each time we do this, the culture gets re- strengthened. Every successful action reinforces itself. By so doing it becomes a seated lifestyle. Obedience is what it means to believe God. We must obey God – NOW (IMMEDIATELY) and EVERYWHERE!!! Heb.3:7-8.

Final Thoughts

Everything that goes into a life of pleasing God has been miraculously given to us by getting to know, our Master and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen! 2 Peter 1:3. We of necessity have to get deliberate at keeping up with our new found life. The culture of the Word and The Spirit is such that is pleasing to God. One would have approval of God and even men when we keep these values dear to our hearts. Take a decision today, now and here that you will cultivate the nature and lifestyle of God which is in you.

You are blessed by God, don’t live less. Till we meet again next week, please remain God’s pride!

Identification (Our Identity In Jesus Christ)
Identification (Our Identity In Jesus Christ)


To understand the application of the message of Identification and the Word of Faith to our every day life and living.


Col. 1:27, Col. 2:10, 2Cor.5:17


It is pertinent that we discuss this vital topic ‘’Our identity in Christ Jesus’’. This is to align more perfectly with the emphasis on the most important thing every Christian must pursue after giving His life to Christ which is the true knowledge of who he or she is in Christ Jesus, as discussed in the previous outline (understanding missions and soul winning 2).

A major problem in the world today among many Christians is identity crisis. Many born again Christians do not know who they are or what it truly means to be born again. They are still contending with questions like, Who am I? What am I here on earth for? How do I please God, since that is what we are here on earth to do? And because of this ignorance the devil has robbed many Christians of their blessings. Hos.4:6.

Therefore the next most important pursuit of every born again Christian is the knowledge of What does it mean to be in Christ a.k.a Identification.

In Mathew 16:13-14, Jesus knew about the implication of identity crisis so He asked his disciple saying ‘’Whom do men say that I the son of man am?’’. Even for Christ, He had to know Himself for himself so when Peter confirmed and declared Jesus as the Son of God, it provoked a blessing.

Identification is therefore a very basic yet major conversation we must have as Christians that must grow in the things of God.
As we further our discussion with the following questions, may the Spirit of God reveal further and clearer our true identity in Christ Jesus. May we know who we are in Him, and who He is also in us. Amen! Be blessed in Jesus name.

  1. What is the biblical description/identity of a man who is not born again?
  2. Now that I am born again, who am I ?
  3. Although I am born again, I observe in my physical body sometimes, I feel like doing wrong things or doing things wrong.
    • (a) How do I manage this and
    • (b) How does it affect my salvation.
    • In other words (bi) am I still born again even when I do wrong things or I do things wrong?
  4. What does it mean to be in Christ ? And Christ in us ?
  5. How can I maintain this privileged position in Christ and How do I ensur6. e He that is in me never leaves me ?!
  6. Any other question or concern you reason will be useful for us?!
  1. The biblical description of a man who is not in Christ is natural or mere man. There are other words used to describe one who is not in Christ but generally such a one is described as the natural man. 1Cor. 2:14! As a natural man he is not subject to God’s life nor thinking. He considered a free thinker – a very dangerous position to maintain as they are an enmity to God. Rom.8:6-13. Such a man cannot receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him. Moreso, as a sinner because sin reigned through Adam Rom.5:19 therefore, your spirit remains dead unto God until it vitalized in Christ Jesus. The identity of a man who is born again is spiritual. He can be called a spiritual man, a believer, a Christian. It should be noted that the youngest Christian who is found in Christ is more regarded by God than the finest gentleman who has refused to accept Jesus as his lord and savior. 2Cor.5:17
  2. (I) Now that you are born again, you are a new creation 2 Cor. 5:17. An individual created after God in righteousness unto good works. Eph.2:10. The understanding of this scripture is very important to every believer. NEW Creation or Creature means NEW, you have no past but a new beginning in Christ. Praise God! (II) More so, you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus 2 Cor. 5:21. This means right standing with God for there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.Rom.8:1. Wow….God sees me pure as His Son Jesus Christ. Most Christians do not believe in this and as a result they feel condemned, unqualified and unworthy of His blessings. The devil is a liar. Believe God’s Word not the devil, nor your own opinion. For this is who you are – God’s righteousness. Hallelujah!
  3. Man is a Spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body 1Thess. 5:23. What got born again at new birth is not your physical body but your spirit and that spirit has the very nature and life of God 1pet. 1:23 & 2pet. 1:4.Your body is what gives your spirit contact to this world through your senses. (a) However, you cannot afford to remain in the flesh and allow the flesh to lead you anymore because you cannot please God that way Rom.8:8&14.Your spirit man was born as a new baby, therefore you are encouraged to grow by the Word of God 1Pet.2:2. (b) Again with the feelings you may have after doing something wrong/wrong things, that does not reduce who are in Christ Jesus; what is important is that you don’t remain a canal christian. Be like Paul in Gal. 2:20. Please read. (bi) Yes, you are still as born again as before you did anything wrong. Move on and don’t quit your insistence that sin shall not have dominion over you. Rom6:14. You are a new Christian on a journey and God will never condemn you again for as long as He sees you in Christ. Hallelujah!!!
  4. To be in Christ is to retain faith in the consciousness of your new birth and more importantly your identification with and in Him. We are completely enmeshed in Him. We have become one spirit with Him. 1Cor.6:17. We are made members of His flesh, of His body and of His bones. Eph.5:30 Hallelujah!!! So when we say He is in us. John 14:16-21 speaks of this mutual union. Hallelujah! It means that Christ is also being formed in us. Gal. 4:19. This is a process yet during the process if we learn to receive the blessing in this union we will always be victors and Victorias as our status is here in VIRTUES CHRISTIAN CENTRE. For example we are told that ‘We are complete in Him who is the head of principalities and powers’. Col.2:9-10. Then we are told in I John4:4 that ‘Greater is He that is in us…’ This is also is our present reality status. You see we were born for a purpose Jer.1:5, born to be a blessing to your generation; Gen 12:2-3, born to impact the world Matt. 5:13-14, there is greatness in you and whole world is waiting for your manifestation Rom.8:19. Because you are led by the spirit of God. Believe it you are not a mistake here on earth.
  5. This privileged status is maintained through continuous/ual advancement in the knowledge of this light and truth. The worst thing for any individual is to be ignorant of his/her identity. And by identity we mean your identity in Christ Jesus.
  6. It is important to know, the application of this truth and its understanding will prevail and make you a conqueror in this life. It’s something you have to train yourself to understanding and believing. Your life will only experience an upward and forward motion when you begin to become alive and walking in this reality consciously. Amen!

Sometimes discussions like this are too high for our moral and mortal minds. It takes opening your heart and your spirit to God for you to comprehend this wonderful reality through our union and identification in Christ Jesus.

Today, rather than acting indifferently to this subject, it is our prayerful expectation that you be stirred into a further curious study to see if the things discussed in this outline be true or not like the Berean Christians. We must never slack into experiencing all of the blessing and fullness of God. Amen!

So we say congratulations for being in Christ and for letting Christ also be in you. This status is a free gift of God to anyone who receives Jesus Christ as His lord and savior and follows to know who he is in Christ.

We will continue our conversations in this regard some more next time. May God’s goodness, richest and best be yours in Jesus name. Amen! God bless you!

Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

Understanding Missions and Soul Winning – 2
The Message of The Gospel

To advance our understanding of the mission project of the church, it’s importance, our responsibility and our approach and strategies.

  • 1 Cor. 15:3-4
  • Rom. 1:16
  • Act 10:34-44

For some weeks, our discussions have been on understanding missions and soul winning. This is to align more perfectly with the current emphasis of the ministry towards soul winning. We see from scripture that we are commanded to GO! Mk.16:15-20. God wants us to take up the responsibility of preaching this gospel to the entire world 1 Tim.2:4-5. We therefore established the need for us to GO, GROAN and GIVE, a major approach and strategy inspired by the spirit of God to fulfilling the great commission. Amen!

Today we are taking the discussion further to understanding the GOSPEL properly. For the mandate from Mark 16:15 is to ‘’ Go and preach THE GOSPEL to all creature’’ it is implicitly important to understand properly THE GOSPEL we are mandated to share. The gospel needs to be understood by every believer or Christian who cares to carry out this instruction. Recall, we once said to be an effective soul winner begins with a genuine understanding of the importance of soul winning, and a profound understanding of the message of the gospel. In our previous outline, we touched a little on the message of the gospel as found in 1 Cor.15:3-4. It will be useful for us to please open and read here.

We believe that the message of the gospel is the product a soul winner has to offer a ‘’sinner’’. In business it is generally accepted that good product knowledge is very important in closing sales transaction; the same way a Christian should see the message of the gospel very important in converting the unsaved to Christ. So, let’s see how we can break the message of the gospel to a reasonable level of understanding for everyone. Here are some questions to further our study.

Question for Discussions
  1. What is the gospel according to Mark 16:15 or what exactly did Jesus mean ?!
  2. 1 Cor. 15:3-4 said how that Jesus died, was buried and rose the third day according to the scriptures, Please which scriptures proved all of these?
  3. In being effective at sharing the gospel, what should be our core emphasis while sharing. In other words what is the central theme of the Gospel (a.k.a Good news)!
  4. How do we present the good news to someone who is ill, heavily indebted, or at the verge of a broken marriage ?!
  5. Is it right to summarize the gospel as a promise of a ‘better life’?! With this in mind how do we reassure those who have given their lives to christ and their life is not physically ‘better’?!
  6. The new Christian and restitution – what’s your take?!
  7. What’s the next most important thing every christian after giving his or her life to Jesus Christ?!

Any other question or concern you reason will be useful for us?!

Further Discussions
  1. The GOSPEL according to Mark 16:15 means GOODNEWS. Now Jesus explained the Good news to us, first in John 19:30 He said ‘’it is FINISHED’’ What is it that is finished brethren? Please take time to discuss this. Second, in Mathew 28:9&18 Jesus said ‘’ All Hail……..All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Praise God!’’ This is the good news, what happened the cross finished all the works of the devil 1 John3:8. Essentially, the work of redeeming us on the cross is what finished. Man is made completely free from the powers of the devil. Man was completely reconciled back to God. The All hail will refer to Jesus being hailed that man is now free and is enthroned to a new status in the hierarchy of authority on earth. While we may not be able present all of this here, it helps our confidence and faith to share the GOSPEL of our Lord Jesus Christ with a clearer understanding of the finished Works of Jesus a.k.a Redemption Work in Christ Jesus. Please read senior pastor’s book ‘Now that you are born again…maximize Christianity!
  2. There are many scriptures that proved the death burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.The old testament prophesied this in Isaiah 53:3-5,12, Psalms 16:10 and 22:1. More so, Jesus predicted his death burial and resurrection in Mathew 12:40 and Luke 11:29. This fore telling was to put make saints of us all.
  3. Many have presented a gospel they really can’t seem to defend. The central theme of the gospel is not just a promise of life becoming better from the present situations people face but settling the dominion of/over life from the realm of the spirit through the infusion of the life of God to have dominion over the devil and affairs of this world. 1 John5:4. It is the inclusive salvation plan God has made to save man from God’s definite judgement which will come on and against anyone who refuses or despises His love and life. John3:16-18. This also confirms that the message of salvation is for every one; Black, white, Jew or gentile, male or female; indeed whatever color or prejudice needs to be saved by accepting and confessing Jesús as Lord and savior and that God raised Him on the third day from the dead. Rom.10:1-19.
  4. So from the above we can say the central theme of the gospel is the love of God expressed towards mankind both to save and deliver man from sin and the power of death. Amen! Rom. 8:1-13. For the ill therefore, the good news will be knowledge of how to be healed or better still healing itself. Matt.8:17, 1Pet.2:24. For the one who is indebted the gospel is that Christ has become our peace and prosperity to pay for our sins of poor and careless living and prosperity to make us have enough to walk out of debt. Deut.8:18, Is.53:5. Now that you are in Christ Jesus, you are empowered to prosper in any endeavor Psalms 1:3, 2 Cor. 9:8. Favor will speak for you in JESUS name. Amen!
  5. Summarily the good news is ‘better life’ – super abundant life. John 10:10. MSG. Although not everyone will or is experiencing this life. But that does not reduce the fact that God has provided it anyways. God extends His love and all that He has and is towards us through His life and resources in The Holy Ghost. Man accesses all these through faith. It is at this point of faith that many get stuck. In ability to believe in unseen realities. This is why listening and hearing of God’s Word is the sure way to making this grace of God count for our everyday practical life and living. It is also important to reiterate we do not have nature of sin (that brought about terminal diseases) anymore in us. Rom.8:10-13. 1 Pet. 2:24 says ‘’… whose stripes you were healed’’ Your healing was settled on the cross, believe and be healed in Jesus name. Amen!
  6. While it is necessary and appropriate to halt every act of mischief one once practiced before receiving Jesus; it is almost unfair to expect that one can go back to undo ALL of the wrongs he has ever done. ANYMAN (this sure includes ex convicts and more) who is in Christ is a new creature. Old things are passed away behold all things have become new. Amen! There’s no need to make humanistic efforts to make yourself new. If it is something that can help your mind, or better the lot of the person from which it was stolen (in the case of a theft for example) that may be done. But that definitely is not what makes you a new creature. Believe and receive this gift of a new life in Jesus name. Amen!
  7. Therefore, the most important thing every Christian must pursue after giving a His life to Christ (which those of us who are wise as soul winners must emphasis) is the true knowledge of who he or she is in Christ Jesus. This best accessed by studying the epistles of the New Testament mostly written by Apostle Paul. Without this understanding, one may be undermining the potency of the gift of God and the power of the gospel that is potent to save and deliver. Amen!
  8. Questions here should stay on the theme of the discussion. Other conversations as to how this life of God can be best maximized may be brought up but please let’s stay in line. Thank you.
  9. Conclusions

    Soul winning aka Evangelism is every ones assignment. We must therefore commit to this mandate and adopt it as one of our very vital Christian culture. It will not happen by itself. We must imbue it into ourselves as a living lifestyle and may God grant to us His good pleasure in Jesus name. We will continue our conversations in this regard some next time. Thanks and God bless.

    Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

Understanding Missions and Soul Winning – 1
The Great Commission: Go, Groan and Give!!!

To advance our understanding of the mission project of the church, it’s importance, our responsibility and our approach and strategies.


Mk16:15-20. 1Tim2:4-5


The whole essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that men be saved. Saved from the corruption that is in this world through lust 2Pet.1:3-4; but much more is that we should come into the glorious liberty (Rom8:21) where Christ has made us free and that all men be saved come into the knowledge of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! 1 Tim.2:4-5.

We see from scripture that we are commanded to GO! Mk.16:15-20. This is a necessary burden. It is a duty that has been bestowed upon any authentic Christian to act upon. Will you?! Yes we will. Amen!

We also see that GROANING in the place of prayer is necessary for this to be effective. Matt.9:36-39. The use of the word ‘groaning’ and not just prayer, is to advance the emotions beyond just prayer, to a prayer mingled with an urgent burden – in intensity, fervency and in urgency. Yes we must pray (a.k.a groan), that all men be saved. Rom. 8:26-27. Col.1:8-9.

Then we are also admonished to GIVE. Acts2:45-47. Our giving is an irrefutable proof that we are serious about the task of being a soul winner. Many times like we see in scriptures, people gave of their own substance to ensure that people had wheels to go on; and groaning to ensure that their was a mighty reception of and response to the gospel preached. Amen! Acts.16:14&40.

God wants us to take up the responsibility of preaching this gospel to the entire world. To get men saved beyond going to church but to have life encounters with the Spirit of the most High God.

There are repercussions to not doing this. Ezekiel 3:18-21. There are also rewards. 1 Tim4:8.

So we see that preaching the gospel with the Word GO! Praying and interceding with GROANINGS, and cheerfully GIVING of our material substances for the effective propagation of the gospel which is a must for every Christian. Amen!

Let’s take some questions to further our study.

Questions for Discussion
  1. Must we all preach the gospel…and Why Please?!
  2. What really is the message of the gospel or what exactly is the GoodNews we are urged to preach?
  3. Why will I preach the GoodNews when I don’t have all the evidence of it in my life?!
  4. Who do I preach to…and how do I start?!
  5. What if I am rejected and embarrassed?!
  6. How can I be an effective soul winner ?!
  7. What are the other areas I must be involved in to be an effective soul winner?
  8. What are the other possible challenges that can discourage or stop us from accepting this heavenly commission and mandate?!
Further Discussions
  1. Like we earlier introduced, that the mandate to preach the gospel is not for some selected faithfuls in Christ but for every believer. Why?! Because We are literally saved to save others. Ezekiel. 3:18-21. It is sometimes even ’embarrassing’ to interact with a total stranger. More so demanding or challenging a person to believe a very amazingly simple gospel could be more ’embarrassing’. But this reproach we must bear for the lord. Ps.79:4&12. There’s an urgency attached that compels us to realize there’s an impending danger which we must save men from. This is our real stewardship. Not a department for some people who like talking. We all must become soul winners. Prov.11:30. Amen!
  2. The message of the gospel must be kept simple. 2 Cor.11:3. It is found in 1 Cor.15:3-4. The GoodNews is that man is reconciled back to God. 2Cor.5:19. And that because of the finished works of Christ established by His resurrection we are now reconciled unto God. Free from sin and empowered to reign in this life because we have received the gift of righteousness and the abundance of grace. Rom.5:17. John10:10. Amen!
  3. Yes, you may have your struggles in your life. But the power to obtain salvation from God comes from our obedience to preach/share the GoodNews. Rom.1:16-17. As we preach power is released to deliver us from every misrepresentation of our lives. Eph.3:8-10. We don’t get perfect before we GO! We get perfected as we GO! Luke17:14…” …As they went” all the other desired evidences showed up as they went in obedience. Amen!
  4. We ought to be our Neighbour’s keeper. So start with your immediate family and then extend it to every neighbour.
  5. If you ever feel rejected…Matt.10:14-17. Don’t take it personal. The world needs your message. More so recall Ezekiel 3:18-21.
  6. To be an effective soul winner begins with a genuine understanding of the importance of soul winning. Then understand more about the message of the gospel. Then preach it lovingly, Prayerfully,and give generously and compassionately. Learn to listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Luke21:13-16. This way you’d be a joy giver to heaven. Amen!
  7. Praying and Giving. Fasting and studying. Listening to the Word of God,…this among others are things we must not fail to do to be a more effective soul winner.
  8. Please discuss…and God will help you overcome them all I’m Jesus name.

Soul winning aka Evangelism is every ones assignment with signs following. It requires all sides of our tripartite being. Spirit, Soul and body. To give to groan and to Go! We must therefore commit to this mandate and adopt it as one of our very vital Christian culture.

We will continue our conversations in this regard next time. Thanks and God bless.

Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

Evangelism: Wisdom for successful Living

To instill and re-ignite the passion for soul winning in the quest for living a successful and profitable life on earth.


Mark 16:15-16; Matthew 28:18-20


God’s mandate for the body of Christ is clearly captured in the above texts. He wants us to not just preach the gospel but to disciple the nations of the earth, to the end that they might be saved from judgement and to also learn how to commit this same message to the next generation.

In as much as we live in modern times, where intellectualism as been elevated to the status of a god, the Christian is reminded that he is essentially on a mission of reconciliation of mankind back to God, and that he lives a supernatural life( 2 Corinthians 5:18-19).

In church our pastor has taught that our being blessed and prosperous is so we can also in turn be a blessing to our community and world at large. Zach.1:17. When a man is blessed/rich the bible says we should urge them to use it for other good works. 1Tim.6:17.

Our love for others must become our ultimate culture of life and claims to all spirituality. The proof of this love is exemplified in the passion for soul winning. In this study, we shall try to discuss on the subject of soul winning in a bid to understand and imbibe it as a main culture and a spiritual love language.
Put in another sense our objective is to make every member a soul winner. Be blessed in Jesus name. Amen.

Questions for Discussion
  1. What is soul winning and how can we relate soul winning to the culture of the Word and Spirit?
  2. What category of people are saddled with the responsibility of preaching the word?
  3. Why do you think Evangelism (aka Soul winning) is important?
  4. What are the benefits of soul winning?
  5. What are some of the obstacles encountered while trying to share the gospel?
  6. Is there any consequence for not being an active soul winner?
  7. Mention some of the ways you can be an effective witness.
Further discussions
  1. Soul winning is the active effort of continuously sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the objective of making a man/men receive Him as Lord and savior – (Salvation Experience) and to hold forth in that faith till he returns at the second coming – (Discipleship). That is converting people to christ through the preaching and invitation to a bible believing church. One of the culture and mandate of the spirit is that of preaching the word. As Christians, we are required to preach the gospel to all nations. My. 16:15-16.

    It is a responsibility and a spiritual discipline that we must do from regularly and from place to place. It is important to note that it is the Holy Spirit that does the actual soul winning, but we as partners with Him ought to preach Jesus and His finished works and then the Holy Spirit will use that as raw material to instruct them. Amen!

  2. Every disciple of Christ is required to preach the word. Of course there are those called to the office of the Evangelist, but everyone who has the spirit of wisdom is a soul winner and is to do the work of an evangelist. 2Tim4:5 and Proverbs 11:30
  3. God wants us to bear fruit. In John 15:2, 8. It is one of the first commands God gave to mankind to be fruitful and to multiply and replenish the earth. Genesis 1:28. It is God’s will that we multiply ‘Spiritually’ as well as physically. It is also important as it hastens the return of our lord Jesus Christ. Matt.24:14. It also causes the release of Power against the kingdom of darkness, thereby increasing the experience of good in the bearer’s life and the world at large. Amen! Rom.1:16-17.
  4. If you are a true soul winner, you will enjoy unprecedented supernatural supply. This is a key benefit to being a soul winner. You are in business with God, and he will mind your business. John 15:7 makes us to understand that it is when we bear fruit that we will enjoy answer to all that we request from God. He takes care of us physically and spiritually because we become His ambassadors and He takes care of us spiritually and physically. 2Cor.5:18-20.
  5. Timidity and lack of content are some of the major obstacles experienced in sharing the gospel. A lot of Christians do not spend enough quality time with God. This has dulled their sensitivity to spiritual responsibilities. It is this lack of depth in the things of God that erodes the confidence of a believer. When you deliberately seek and spend time with God, he fills you with so much depth and grace that you will be moved to witness indeed out of love and urgency. Another important reason is because many Christians are not taught on how to go about this. Anything not clearly taught cannot be clearly communicated. Are you willing to be taught?! Is your Christian life growing through teachings?!
  6. Yes, there are consequences for not being an active soul winner. You slip into living a carnal life, and we all know that carnality has no place in God’s kingdom. Psalm 82:6-7 is a prophetic to such Christians who live carnal lives. It is important to read up on 2 Timothy 3:1-7 which talk extensively on carnal Christians. Then again is the danger of the blood of the individual or corporate mission field being demanded of us as in Ezekiel 3:16-18 among other consequences.
  7. Be ready at all times to preach God’s word, you never know when you have the opportunity.2 Tim4:2. Rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit to prompt and give you words to speak with boldness at all times. He’d also give you the wisdom and a mouth that cannot be gain said. Luke 21:15. It also more effective to keep your message very clear and simple. Recognize that you are an ambassador of Christ and must present the gospel as the good news and not a threat or condemnation. Simply Witness. And your testimony becomes a tool for God’s Spirit to drill the heart of the man/woman.
Final thoughts

Everything you will ever need to evangelize is given to you in the person of the Holy Spirit. Always fellowship with him and he will empower you for witnessing.

Again you will be more effective to desire spiritual gifts to aid in spreading God’s word, as signs and wonders are one of the ways God confirms his word when we preach.

You are empowered for great things, be strong in the will of the Lord – that men might be saved.
Next week, we will be considering the various approaches to soul wining. The content, structures, systems and strategies your church will be applying to make this effective.

Till we meet again next week, please remain God’s pride! Amen!