Identification (Our Identity In Jesus Christ)


To understand the application of the message of Identification and the Word of Faith to our every day life and living.


Col. 1:27, Col. 2:10, 2Cor.5:17


It is pertinent that we discuss this vital topic ‘’Our identity in Christ Jesus’’. This is to align more perfectly with the emphasis on the most important thing every Christian must pursue after giving His life to Christ which is the true knowledge of who he or she is in Christ Jesus, as discussed in the previous outline (understanding missions and soul winning 2).

A major problem in the world today among many Christians is identity crisis. Many born again Christians do not know who they are or what it truly means to be born again. They are still contending with questions like, Who am I? What am I here on earth for? How do I please God, since that is what we are here on earth to do? And because of this ignorance the devil has robbed many Christians of their blessings. Hos.4:6.

Therefore the next most important pursuit of every born again Christian is the knowledge of What does it mean to be in Christ a.k.a Identification.

In Mathew 16:13-14, Jesus knew about the implication of identity crisis so He asked his disciple saying ‘’Whom do men say that I the son of man am?’’. Even for Christ, He had to know Himself for himself so when Peter confirmed and declared Jesus as the Son of God, it provoked a blessing.

Identification is therefore a very basic yet major conversation we must have as Christians that must grow in the things of God.
As we further our discussion with the following questions, may the Spirit of God reveal further and clearer our true identity in Christ Jesus. May we know who we are in Him, and who He is also in us. Amen! Be blessed in Jesus name.

  1. What is the biblical description/identity of a man who is not born again?
  2. Now that I am born again, who am I ?
  3. Although I am born again, I observe in my physical body sometimes, I feel like doing wrong things or doing things wrong.
    • (a) How do I manage this and
    • (b) How does it affect my salvation.
    • In other words (bi) am I still born again even when I do wrong things or I do things wrong?
  4. What does it mean to be in Christ ? And Christ in us ?
  5. How can I maintain this privileged position in Christ and How do I ensur6. e He that is in me never leaves me ?!
  6. Any other question or concern you reason will be useful for us?!
  1. The biblical description of a man who is not in Christ is natural or mere man. There are other words used to describe one who is not in Christ but generally such a one is described as the natural man. 1Cor. 2:14! As a natural man he is not subject to God’s life nor thinking. He considered a free thinker – a very dangerous position to maintain as they are an enmity to God. Rom.8:6-13. Such a man cannot receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him. Moreso, as a sinner because sin reigned through Adam Rom.5:19 therefore, your spirit remains dead unto God until it vitalized in Christ Jesus. The identity of a man who is born again is spiritual. He can be called a spiritual man, a believer, a Christian. It should be noted that the youngest Christian who is found in Christ is more regarded by God than the finest gentleman who has refused to accept Jesus as his lord and savior. 2Cor.5:17
  2. (I) Now that you are born again, you are a new creation 2 Cor. 5:17. An individual created after God in righteousness unto good works. Eph.2:10. The understanding of this scripture is very important to every believer. NEW Creation or Creature means NEW, you have no past but a new beginning in Christ. Praise God! (II) More so, you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus 2 Cor. 5:21. This means right standing with God for there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.Rom.8:1. Wow….God sees me pure as His Son Jesus Christ. Most Christians do not believe in this and as a result they feel condemned, unqualified and unworthy of His blessings. The devil is a liar. Believe God’s Word not the devil, nor your own opinion. For this is who you are – God’s righteousness. Hallelujah!
  3. Man is a Spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body 1Thess. 5:23. What got born again at new birth is not your physical body but your spirit and that spirit has the very nature and life of God 1pet. 1:23 & 2pet. 1:4.Your body is what gives your spirit contact to this world through your senses. (a) However, you cannot afford to remain in the flesh and allow the flesh to lead you anymore because you cannot please God that way Rom.8:8&14.Your spirit man was born as a new baby, therefore you are encouraged to grow by the Word of God 1Pet.2:2. (b) Again with the feelings you may have after doing something wrong/wrong things, that does not reduce who are in Christ Jesus; what is important is that you don’t remain a canal christian. Be like Paul in Gal. 2:20. Please read. (bi) Yes, you are still as born again as before you did anything wrong. Move on and don’t quit your insistence that sin shall not have dominion over you. Rom6:14. You are a new Christian on a journey and God will never condemn you again for as long as He sees you in Christ. Hallelujah!!!
  4. To be in Christ is to retain faith in the consciousness of your new birth and more importantly your identification with and in Him. We are completely enmeshed in Him. We have become one spirit with Him. 1Cor.6:17. We are made members of His flesh, of His body and of His bones. Eph.5:30 Hallelujah!!! So when we say He is in us. John 14:16-21 speaks of this mutual union. Hallelujah! It means that Christ is also being formed in us. Gal. 4:19. This is a process yet during the process if we learn to receive the blessing in this union we will always be victors and Victorias as our status is here in VIRTUES CHRISTIAN CENTRE. For example we are told that ‘We are complete in Him who is the head of principalities and powers’. Col.2:9-10. Then we are told in I John4:4 that ‘Greater is He that is in us…’ This is also is our present reality status. You see we were born for a purpose Jer.1:5, born to be a blessing to your generation; Gen 12:2-3, born to impact the world Matt. 5:13-14, there is greatness in you and whole world is waiting for your manifestation Rom.8:19. Because you are led by the spirit of God. Believe it you are not a mistake here on earth.
  5. This privileged status is maintained through continuous/ual advancement in the knowledge of this light and truth. The worst thing for any individual is to be ignorant of his/her identity. And by identity we mean your identity in Christ Jesus.
  6. It is important to know, the application of this truth and its understanding will prevail and make you a conqueror in this life. It’s something you have to train yourself to understanding and believing. Your life will only experience an upward and forward motion when you begin to become alive and walking in this reality consciously. Amen!

Sometimes discussions like this are too high for our moral and mortal minds. It takes opening your heart and your spirit to God for you to comprehend this wonderful reality through our union and identification in Christ Jesus.

Today, rather than acting indifferently to this subject, it is our prayerful expectation that you be stirred into a further curious study to see if the things discussed in this outline be true or not like the Berean Christians. We must never slack into experiencing all of the blessing and fullness of God. Amen!

So we say congratulations for being in Christ and for letting Christ also be in you. This status is a free gift of God to anyone who receives Jesus Christ as His lord and savior and follows to know who he is in Christ.

We will continue our conversations in this regard some more next time. May God’s goodness, richest and best be yours in Jesus name. Amen! God bless you!

Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!