Grace (Spirit and Word)

We have great regard for the word of his grace and the spirit of God. We operate the very life and nature of God being demonstrated in healings, health, peace and prosperity. We are knowledgeable, skillful and demonstrate the inherent power in the word of God with visible signs and overwhelming testimonies. We are approved of God as competent Christians. Acts 2:22, 2Tim. 3:15-17


We are characterized by unusual ideas, innovations, unparalleled and unconventional wisdom: We have divinely inspired insights with attendant proofs. We do not just think outside the box, we think like there’s no box. Matt. 13:54, Mk. 6:2, Psalms. 104:24.


By virtue of our moral soundness, borne out of an encounter with the spirit, we are accountable and transparent in our dealings with people and issues. We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We do what we say and say what we do. We are who we are even when no one is watching; we do all we do as though we have to share them with people that respect us. Heb. 13:8


Demonstrate unrivaled quality and outstanding performance in character, intellectual prowess, ambience, worship, order and organization Isaiah 12:5


Our overpowering attractiveness makes our impact felt globally in the social-sphere, the economy, the spirit realm, the academic and business world. We are upwardly mobile, updated, skilled, well informed about our environment and the world around us.


God’s grace upon us give us the capacity to positively lead, rule and influence our environment and the people around us thereby making them God’s pride and causing them to also be an influence. We are never too big to render unpaid services; having a servant heart, this servant heart soon makes us preferred leaders in our world using our talents and passion to help others succeed. Matt. 20:26.