The ministry has a training school called VIRTUES TRAINING SCHOOL (V.T.S) that trains believers at different stages with its core emphasizes on competency development. It has its name rider as …raising competent Christians… being God’s pride!

This innovative idea has recorded the graduation of 13 students in its first program of 7 courses. The training school seeks to inculcate a sense of leadership, character and competence into the lives of God’s people so that the maximization of Christianity can be realized in its fullness. The vision is to instill the character of God into the people through the creative usage of God’s Word, so that their relevance in the world can be enhanced.

VTS I (Virtues Membership Basics)

Is committed to training new members of the church (i.e. VIRTUES CHRISTIAN CENTRE) in understanding the basic beliefs of the church and to enlighten on the need to develop competence as believers to be able to maximize Christianity. This has been a very well developing experience for both the students and the facilitators. Potentially, graduates of the Membership Basic classes who have proven to be exceptional may lecture at this stage of the training school

VTS II (Leadership & Business Basics)

Without necessarily graduating from VTS I, VTS II may be enrolled for as it focuses on Leadership and Business Competency Development skills. This is a class where professionals of industries train believers on the basics of leadership and business competency as believers. A great class to come to for those who have a secular ministry in politics or others.

VTS III (Ministry Basics)

With emphasis retained on competency development VTS III (Ministry Basics) offers believers a chance of developing skills that will aid and guide into any specific ministry of your choice. Believers are enjoined to go through this program before engaging in any life worth venture.