Being God’s pride at VIRTUES means getting involved in service and doing your best at it.

These funtional units are avenues where you can serve. Be encouraged, feel free to join in, be a part of the Lord’s workforce and partake of the harvest.

Music Department

To achieve a regular record of leading the church in effective praise and worship sessions, provide in music the necessary atmosphere and tempo for all church and church affiliated programs and deliver the lyrics of introduced songs to the entire church for learning and adaptation.

Aesthetics Department

Monthly and seasonal decorations of the church with an expression of excellence and representation of the VIRTUES brand in all such decorations.

Information & Communication Technology Department

The sound, lights, electrical, electronic and digital communication concerns of the church are handled by this dynamic department.

Ushering Department

To retain strictly the orderliness of people, property(chairs and cars, e.t.c.) and issues of the church during and after service sessions. It is within expectation for the department to ensure the unity of the Spirit in the bond of Peace.

Welfare Department

Seeks to render humanitarian and benevolent services to members of the church particularly and as occasioned by special outreaches outside the church where the impact can translate to a direct follow up by the church. .

Sanitation Department

The regular cleaning and maintenance of the church environment before and after services.

Intercessory & Counseling Department

The counseling department will be positioned to provide internal and external counseling sessions for and on behalf of the church. The department also has ingrained into it the intercessory functions. They provide steady praying sessions and back ups during praying meetings. Its potentially an avenue for developing spiritual capacity within the Church. Spiritual partnership in prayers for the church members and counseling guidance for members who are new converts, need baptism or even marital guidance

Publicity Department

This department is responsible for the images, signage, publications and other such related issues. It becomes important to the church that we have an avenue to publicize our story and events in the form of a magazine. This includes the capture of testimonies into our weekly publications and quotable quotes in the bulletin and the Information board.

Multimedia Department

Responsible for all electronic details of the church in terms of management and archiving. They are expected to provide all the possible media necessities for all our specialized programs and to recommend to the church through the relevant pastorate.

Children’s Department

We seek to ensure that our children are not only well cared for but also taught in the knowledge and in the fear of the Lord. This department will assist in providing this care and apply techniques that will help the church achieve this objective