As we step into the new year 2016, it is my pleasure to declare it as a year of GREATER GRACE FOR GREATER GLORY!!! Amen!

When we look at life at times, It will seem like God already has ordained what and how each day, week, months and years should be. In other words it is as though there is no need to make effort or strive but to relax and experience what has already been made. As if to say whatever will be will be.

That is definitely not the case. God gives each day as an opening of what can become. This means we can determine how much of significance occurs to us within a given space of time. It means we have a part to play in the goings of the year.

2016 is a year of very high hopes. We say this considering that God has kept us as individuals, families, ministry and as a nation all because of His unending love.

This love provides the required faith for the hopes we have to crystallize into reality. God’s love is expressed as His Grace. When His grace is available to us, we begin to witness a higher dimension of glory. Glory refers to the beauty of our lives at a greater level.

So as we step into the year, let us ‘patronize‘ God for more of His Grace. It is already available and it is sufficient. We must appropriate it personally. We must utilize God’s grace by our faith – Our bold confessions and actions!

It is therefore my prayer that at the end of the year 2016, every hope would have found expression and fulfilment in Jesus name.

Once again, we say a big welcome to: 2016, Our year of Greater Grace for Greater Glory!!! Amen!