At Virtues Christian Centre you can be guaranteed among other things…that your life will never remain the same, and your path will only shine brighter and brighter as you join us.

Virtues Christian Centre is a church that is focused on maximizing Christianity and committed to making you an influence. Under the leadership of Rev Alexander Faranpojo, we strive to provide an atmosphere where everyone can feel like they belong to the body and the family of Christ and truly valued as a local member of the same body !

What Are the Worship Experiences Like?

Worship experiences at Virtues Christian Centre are comprised of three elements: Solid biblical teaching in our Bible study classes, Powerful Worship and a definite life-changing message. Worship experiences begin at 9:00am with the bible study classes and ends with the closing charge. You will certainly be glad you came.

What’s Expected of Me?

We want you to be deliberate about plugging into the flow of the service. Make yourself welcome and feel at home. Participate.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey you’d find a sign post connecting you to the beauty of continuity in a corporate anointing. We are certain that there is some part of our experience that you can connect with regularly.

What About My Kids?

We’re more than happy to care for your kids. We enjoy the bonding that is possible to have our children watch us worship together at the same place. While adults continue worship in our main hall, just before the message is given, kids are dismissed to Children Church.

The Children Church is staffed by well-known men and women who want to help kids find and follow Jesus. While you attend the rest of the worship experience, be rest assured that your child is having a positive experience, filled by biblical teaching with real life application.