October 2016: Our Month of Completeness And Perfections

Philippians 1:6 & Psalms 138:8

We have come through the year 2016 with joy and gladness. God has been good to us as individuals and as a ministry. And what He has started we commit to Him to perfect and complete this month in Jesus name.

His spirit has brought us His Word and given us His life. We are products of His breath. We are members of His very life and bones…We are because He is…He has called us gods, He has loved us permanently and we have also permanently received His love. Glory to God!!!

So we speak perfections to projects, relationships, to investments, pending miracles, expectant mothers and couples and all other expectations of our hearts in Jesus name.

We are complete in Him, who is the head of principalities and powers. We have dominion over every spiritual power and circumstance. God has highly exalted us and made us to seat together with Him far above principalities and powers.

We defy the damaging effect of a painful past. We rise past and above everything that seeks to put us down. Above losses, above curses above generational challenges. Because Jesus spoilt principalities and powers and destroyed all the works of the devil, there is no foothold strong enough to withstand us.

To our nation and community, We speak peace! . We speak peace to Lagos our heritage. We speak peace to VIRTUES and every one connected to us. We receive the testimony of Hebron as perfected and completed in Jesus name.

And when this month is over, our song shall be sweeter. Our heads shall be lifted and our year crowned with great and fat things. Our testimony will be that of those who God has helped.

The music has only just begun. Miracles continue. The joy of the lord is our strength, our feet are washed in butter and the rock pours us oil; as we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!