May 2016: Our Month of More Grace, Covenant Wealth and New Beginnings !!!

This is the day that the Lord has made, we rejoice and are glad in it. We receive and dedicate this month of May 2016 to be our month of More Grace, Covenant dimensions of wealth and New Beginnings in Jesus name! Amen!

The intervention of these vital forces will be obvious in our individual and corporate lives. They shall produce daunting proofs of God’s faithfulness. We experience irreversible blessings of God’s goodness. For the Lord is a sun and shield; He will give grace and glory unto us; He will rejoice over us with singing, Yes! we will also rejoice and be glad. For we are the object of His Love, the sheep of His pasture. He is our God. We are His righteousness, we are His people – Yes, we are His Pride! Hallelujah!

So we speak boldly into the month and call it forth for More Grace, Wealth and Health in Jesus name. There shall be healings, health and supernatural manifestations of God’s Power. Homes shall be restored. Lost dreams and items are found. Men are forgiven. Peace prevails, Joy is replenished as our God is glorified.

The sting of death is gone. The power of pain, insufficiency, depression and disappointment is stayed from us now in Jesus name. We declare Peace! Be still in all that concerns us in Jesus name! Amen!

It is written, ‘in famine and destruction, we shall laugh!’ Therefore, no tears of sorrow shall come to us in Jesus name. We forbid unfavourable reports. We convert messes into messages, tests into testimonies and pressure into power.

Our emotions, intellect and abilities are also empowered now in Jesus name. Our children, families, Church, ideas, efforts, finance and future are kept under the infallible covenant of God with us in Christ Jesus. Amen!

Let God be true and every other be liars. We declare that God’s Word to us as a Church is true. The Lord has begun to magnify us before all the people of the land. It’s the turn of a new year and we call forth all that is ours now in Jesus name. We also call forth our sons and daughters, helpers of destiny, people of influence and power to come in unto us and arise from amongst us in Jesus name.

We take over the industries, economies and territories for our God. We spread the love of Jesus and share the gospel of His salvation. Many are saved, healed and restored and filled with the power and person of the Holy Spirit through this commitment, this month in Jesus name. Amen!

Hebron – Be!. Lagos – Done!. Nigeria – Blessed! In Jesus name.

We take position in time and space in this nation. We are God’s voice of relevance in governance. Our businesses receive unparalleled acceptance, penetrations, expansions, opportunities and support. Our wings are spread and we have taken over. Hallelujah!

When all is said and done. Our testimony shall be of a people God has helped. A people born in due season. A people beautiful for situation and indeed marvellously helped by God. We are God’s pride and we give to Him alone all the glory now as always in Jesus name, Amen!