Our Month of Looking and Moving Forward

Today and again we take sides with the Spirit of God Almighty. We choose to cooperate with Him. We learn of Him and from Him as we lean on Him. We respond to His promptings as we obtain a rich supply of His grace for this month, March 2017. We therefore receive it as our month of Looking and Moving Forward in Jesus name. Amen!

We declare that all that concerns us is moving forward. Our minds, our thoughts, our intellects, our emotions, our past, our present, our achievements, our spirit man all receive momentum to go forward in Jesus name.

We speak to our finances, our families, our children, our businesses, careers, church and aspirations generally to ride over the waves of life to work in our favor and advantage.

As we look unto God we are indeed lightened and none of our expectations are cut short in Jesus name. No disappointments, No distractions, No set backs as we commit to fulfilling purpose in Jesus name.

We break every barrier. We cross every line. We run the race before us with grace. We prosper, we make progress according to prophecies. Hallelujah! And we attract men and women God has ordained to be part of this household. No one missing; Nothing broken in Jesus name.

Lagos sees better days. Nigeria is helped. Our leadership is helped and every prayer for this country receives speedy answers in Jesus name.

In March, we will stand out and be outstanding. We gain good understanding that procures favor according to the Word of the Lord. It is the month that responds to our focus. We rejoice in this as we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!