February 2016: Our Month of Joyful Victories Through Faith.

In Jesus name we declare that we are blessed and blessed to be a blessing. In this life, we are made by Jesus Christ, to become Kings and Priests unto our God. We have been exalted and made to sit with Him far above all principalities and powers. We take sides with this knowledge and with the Spirit of God. We take over here on earth. Hallelujah!

As beneficiaries of the grace of God…we reign in life. For we have received abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. We have obtained victory through the blood and mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ. Victory over the powers of sin and death. Victory over accusations of hell and its representatives. Every waggling tongue and raging temper is silenced and destroyed now in Jesus name.

For it is written ‘the sceptre will not depart from Judah’…Yes, from this day the Lord has begun to exalt us right before everyone in Jesus name. While we look not at things which are seen, but the things which are not seen. For we have received grace and we enter by revelation into an elevation above every circumstance in Jesus name. Amen!

As a church, the eyes of our understanding is enlightened; we are filled with wisdom and revelation of God in the knowledge of Him. We have might and strength in the spirit of our inner man. We do not observe lying vanities therefore we also do not forsake our own mercy. Our off springs are blessed. God also has given us the city and the city gates of Lagos. The temple of our God- Hebron, is built.

We pray for our country and her leaders. God will help them. We pray for ourselves, we arise and express God’s grace upon us for governance. We are blessed. We are lifted and we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!