Glory to God in the highest for giving us August 2019 as our month of Love, Life and Relationships. We celebrate it as a month of our lifting and growth.

Because it is written, we also boldly declare that ‘We have overcome the world by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of our testimonies; and we do not love our lives even beyond here.’ Hallelujah!!!

We have been set aside unto greater works. Called out of darkness into God’s marvelous light. We dwell in this light. We live in this light. We are this light. We are light. Hallelujah!

For us, every day reflects the power and the wisdom of God. We manifest the grace of God in all our affairs. Our jobs, works, family, ministries, Church and all that concerns us is blessed in Jesus name.

To our country Nigeria, we pray for increased activities of angels to bring peace all around the country in Jesus name. To Lagos, we declare progress and illumination for our leaders. To VIRTUES we speak multiplication and growth. To Hebron, we say Be in Jesus name.

This month, I will celebrate. We will dance and sing to the goodness of our God. Jesus is glorified, satan terrified, we are edified as we give to God all the glory now and again in Jesus name. Amen!