God’s Word is true and steadfast. I believe and begin to experience the transforming power of God’s Word. This month of May, I declare my life is changed for the better. I am transformed into the next level of glory for my life. Amen!


For the specifics, my health is renewed, my family is whole, I make progress from one level to the next level of progress in Jesus name. At work, I am excellent. At home, I am blessed. In the field, I am fortified. I am surrounded with the glory of God and shall see only the counsel of the Lord stand and sustained in my life in Jesus name. Amen!


To Nigeria we speak greatness, to Lagos we speak peace, to VIRTUES, we speak glory and growth, to our children we speak goodness and prosperity. To our businesses we speak fruitfulness. To our lives we speak dominion. To our finances we speak multiplication.


All that concerns us is transformed from one glory to another in Jesus name.


And we give to God, all the glory now as always. Amen!