The Spirit of the living God is upon me. Right now, He is influencing my spirit, soul, and body. My life as a whole in this month of resurrection receives the impartation of God’s power in Jesus name. Amen!

As we celebrate the power of God this month of April, I join to declare the beauty and the majesty of the glory of God. This glory is made tangible in all my affairs. As I open up to the influences of God’s spirit, my entire life and system is made better in Jesus name.

I am more. I see more. I can do much more than ever. Right now, My abilities and personality receive the life of God in Jesus name. Amen!

My character is consistent with my destiny. I have the perspective that helps me be productive. My thoughts are right. My disposition to issues are appropriate. My responses are empowered to give me the desired breakthrough and results.

I am helped by angels and men. We are favored in our ministry. We make progress in the things that are relevant. Our impact is felt. Nigeria is blessed. Lagos is empowered, Hebron is received. Our community is better because of the glory of God upon us.

Thank you Jesus for being so graceful. Thank you father for your love, thank you Holy Spirit for being such an influence as you fellowship with us this month of Resurrection Power and sustained influences of the Spirit of God.

For this and much more, we give to you our God, all the glory now as always in Jesus name. Amen!