This February we are revived by the spirit of the Most High and Holy God. We are empowered with the wisdom and life of God. We take strength in the knowledge of God’s reviving power and manifest His light, glory and virtues for all men to see in Jesus name. Amen!

Our weaknesses are converted into strength. Dead and dying things are coming back to life in Jesus name. Dead ‘bones’ are made alive at the breathe of God’s Word on our lips. Resurrection is taking place instantly. Every portion of our lives and ministry experience this revival and resurrection power in Jesus name. Hallelujah!

We pronounce our health, businesses, ministries, families, love and all that concerns us revived in Jesus name. Our zeal for the things of God, our commitment to the house of God, the people of God, the Word of God and the sacrifices required in the house of God, revived in Jesus name. Amen!

We speak peace round about. We call to be all that God has ordained for us in greatness, wisdom and wealth as individuals, as families and as a church in Jesus name.

Our eyes are opened to see and see things and people correctly. Our minds are renewed in line with the Word and Spirit of the Most High God. We are blessed in Jesus name. Hallelujah!

Our seeds bring a harvest. Our harvest are comforting. Our seeds and harvests will not be found in the house of strangers anymore in Jesus name.

And We give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!