In Jesus name, we welcome ourselves to the opportunity of a new year, and the gift of a new month – January 2019. Amen!

We boldly declare the grace of God is active in our lives from today. Our confession revalidates our choice to trust in the Lord. We hold out our arms of faith receiving and knowing that ‘He who began a good work in us shall be faithful to complete it’. Amen!

We declare this January a month of inspirations, lights and revelations.

We are inspired. Inspired to take action. We are enlightened, enlightened to take wise decisions. We are granted revelations to prepare for the new levels in God. Revelations of things to come and explanations to things of relevance. We are at the cutting edge of developments and progress in Jesus name. Amen!

We adjust to the intensity of God’s operations upon us. We recognise new relationships and opportunities. We profess that we are on top only and not beneath. Our hands are strengthened. We are helped by the Spirit of God and our lives as a whole reflect God’s best in the name of Jesus. Amen!

To the work of our hands, we speak productivity. To our womb we declare fruitfulness, to our children we speak peace and wholeness. To our health we speak healing and wholeness.

To our property, we declare it is perfected. All that concerns Hebron is perfected in Jesus name. The safety and wealth of Lagos, Nigeria is preserved; Governance, politics and the value for human life is helped and miraculously transformed by God in Jesus name.

And when this month is over, You and I will return to give to God all the glory now as always.