June 2016: Our Month of Power, faith and Victories

God has ordained us for victories through our faith in the power and the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

We respond to this ordination and boldly declare June 2016 as our month of Power, Faith and Victories in Jesus name. Amen!

Beginning from our families to our affairs and every member in Jesus name we declare supernatural testimonies of victories in Jesus name. We denounce the carnal things of ungodliness and accept only the things which are after the likeness of God. We denounce sickness, poverty and death forever in Jesus name. We walk in healing, health peace and prosperity.

Every avenue through which the enemy may perpetuate evil is blocked now and forever in Jesus name. Amen!

Our sons and daughters respond to the promptings of God’s spirit. Together we take bold steps into a prosperous future covenanted to us in Christ Jesus. Through faith we excel and accomplish our desires. Hallelujah! Amen!

For all the guiding instructions we have received from our man of God, we translate them into actions for distinctions. Men come to our aid as appointed by God, policies are made in our favor. Our angels deliver us as commanded. They do not loose a battle because we are strengthened in Jesus name.

We validate the righteousness of God by witnessing him to men. Our steps are ordered by God therefore we have no lack. Amen!

As a ministry, we present ourselves a sweet smelling sacrifice, wholly and acceptable unto God. We take deeper walks with God. We work for God. We are a ministry where blessings lap upon blessings. A ministry God has helped.

According as it is written that a people shall flow into the house of God, we command the flow of people now in Jesus name. Signs and wonders are seen. Lives are changed. Industries affected as God is glorified.

Hebron is done. Lagos and Nigeria shall enjoy God’s covering as we arise to take possession of it at every sector of relevance to the governance of this nation. We are a blessed people indeed.

In this month of June we manifest the blessing. The power behind the covenant works for us. We give expression to the life of God. We fully express the wisdom of God in our daily affairs and we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen.