Confessions of Faith-December 2016
December 2016: Our Month of Beautiful Perfections

Today we express our profound gratitude to God for keeping us in Jesus name. We celebrate the gift of life to see the month of December 2016. And as it is declared, we receive it as our month of beautiful perfections. Hallelujah!

This month everything that concerns us is perfected in Jesus name. God will complete that which He has begun in our family, finance, church and faith. We pronounce blessings of all forms upon us as a church and as individuals. We call the forces of life and godliness to multiply upon all that concerns us in Jesus name. We possess our Hebron as ours. We declare the arrangements and possession of the property is ours in our favor. Amen!

We decree and declare our victory over all the elements of life that seek to hinder our fruitfulness. We are fruitful and relevant in every sphere. We are lifted beyond the constraints. We multiply in number and proportions. We take our divine allocation of Lagos and beyond in Jesus name. We command the ministries and industries of finance and relevance to come under our direct guidance in Jesus name. Our grace enjoys relevance in governance.

We receive the penetrative insights into the next year 2017 and proclaim that its promises will be harvested into our realities. We are delivered from every power of darkness. We are children of light. We pronounce grace upon our lives in Jesus name. Amen!

We acknowledge we are a people God has helped. We are enabled by the Spirit and the power of the most high God. We are the apple of God’s eyes. We empowered with divine life. We get divine results. We know who we are. We are Kings and priests and we give to God all the glory now as always in Jesus name. Amen!

Confessions of Faith-November 2016
November 2016: Our Month of God’s Manifested Abilities

We receive this month of November 2016, as our month of divine abilities and willingness. We receive the manifested abilities of God Almighty into our lives as we anticipate supernatural and spectacular miracles this eleventh month in Jesus name. Amen!

We surrender to the omnipotence of our God who is able and willing to do exceeding abundantly much more than we could ever ask or think according to His mighty power at work within us in Jesus name.

We experience supernatural interventions of the almighty God in our lives, spiritual and mundane. We take delivery of resources, human, financial, spiritual, parental, emotional and every other wise possible; and declare that this month of November no miracle or testimony due to us as children of God will pass us by in Jesus name. Amen!

We have been taught the Word of God, and our spirits respond in faith to God’s declarations and truths for our lives. Declarations of hope and fulfillment. Rewards and multiplications. Advancement and testimonies. We boldly declare alike, protection, provision, direction, healing, breakthroughs, marriages, babies, opportunities as we also respond in obedience and service in Jesus name.

This month God will make His abilities become our realities in Jesus name. Amen!

We are a people that live by the Word of God. We are constrained by His love. We move, live and have our being in Him. We experience the sudden lifting power of God. We respond and rejoice at Gods’s Word like one that has found great spoil. Hallelujah!

We banish the power of fear or negative unfavorable circumstances and frustrate the token of wickedness. They shall not prosper on us nor on anyone or thing connected to us. We insist on the mercies of God. We experience the lasting peace of God’s love.

As a ministry we are stronger, we are more, we are greater, yes our influence fills the land, our impact is felt. And history and the future are kind to us.

We bring our country Nigeria under the covering of God’s help. We speak wisdom and grace to the leadership of the land, state, federal and local. Nigeria is great again. Lagos is ours. We are the city set on the hill that cannot be hidden. Hebron is our resting place and we receive it in Jesus name.

For us, the conclusion of the matter is head or tail we win. Because the beautiful events of this month as prophesied and hereby confessed will not be a function of some articulate power of ours, but of a redeeming love. The exclusive power of God Almighty. A conquering savior. An Omnipotent, Omniscient God. Even the God of VIRTUES.

Our testimony is one of those that God has helped and we are indeed grateful; so we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!

Confessions of Faith – October 2016
October 2016: Our Month of Completeness And Perfections

Philippians 1:6 & Psalms 138:8

We have come through the year 2016 with joy and gladness. God has been good to us as individuals and as a ministry. And what He has started we commit to Him to perfect and complete this month in Jesus name.

His spirit has brought us His Word and given us His life. We are products of His breath. We are members of His very life and bones…We are because He is…He has called us gods, He has loved us permanently and we have also permanently received His love. Glory to God!!!

So we speak perfections to projects, relationships, to investments, pending miracles, expectant mothers and couples and all other expectations of our hearts in Jesus name.

We are complete in Him, who is the head of principalities and powers. We have dominion over every spiritual power and circumstance. God has highly exalted us and made us to seat together with Him far above principalities and powers.

We defy the damaging effect of a painful past. We rise past and above everything that seeks to put us down. Above losses, above curses above generational challenges. Because Jesus spoilt principalities and powers and destroyed all the works of the devil, there is no foothold strong enough to withstand us.

To our nation and community, We speak peace! . We speak peace to Lagos our heritage. We speak peace to VIRTUES and every one connected to us. We receive the testimony of Hebron as perfected and completed in Jesus name.

And when this month is over, our song shall be sweeter. Our heads shall be lifted and our year crowned with great and fat things. Our testimony will be that of those who God has helped.

The music has only just begun. Miracles continue. The joy of the lord is our strength, our feet are washed in butter and the rock pours us oil; as we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!

Confessions of Faith – September 2016
September 2016: Our Month of Significance and Sufficiency

Once again we take delivery of God’s gift of a new month to us as individuals and as a ministry. We celebrate and rejoice at the opportunity God has granted us to see the dawn of this new month.

We therefore christen it as our month of Significance and Sufficiency. We take delivery of its bounties and glad tidings in Jesus name. Amen!

We thank God for the year 2016 till date. And we insist that all that was ever missing be restored to us now. Like David in the Bible we have pursued and indeed recovered all. Nothing missing nor broken in Jesus name. Amen!

We operate in the dominion of superior thinking patterns and beautiful mindsets. We have good understanding of life and issues. And take precise decisions favourable for our righteous cause. Our appetites are set aright. Our associations are strategic. Our alliances are brilliant, our faith works; God’s Word works in us mightily and prevails in Jesus name.

The covenant keeping God is our source and sustain-er- Hallelujah!

And for anyone who may have had delays or fruitless waiting, we receive the speedy work of the Spirit of God for such a person in Jesus name. Our lives and affairs are set in the direction of God’s plans.

We are anointed to accomplish feats and bring many to the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus. Souls are saved by our witness. Yokes are destroyed and burdens are permanently lifted in Jesus name. Amen!

As a church, our banners are lifted, our natural and spiritual children arise and sit in significant places to rule in this land as one that the lord God has given to us and established us in. This land and city of Lagos brings forth in our favour – surplus and sufficiency, as we possess it as ours in Jesus name. Amen!

Everyone connected to us begin to locate God’s positioning for him or her. We attract and give out the right energy with the right responses to issues no matter how complicated or mundane. The wisdom of God is working actively in me and His power is revealed in my life as I grow in the things of God. I begin to work for God as God has been working for me.

To The leadership of our beloved country Nigeria we speak help. We bring forth mighty solutions to dissolve the complexities of governance as leaders and captains of all sectors emerge from amongst us in Jesus name.

Hebron- Be! in Jesus name. Amen!

So we decline and rebuke every clandestine activity against us. We obtain the mercy and intervention of the Spirit of God. There shall be no loss of life or property. Neither shall any cast their young. Babies are born as at when due. Testimonies multiply! Our angels deliver their duties precisely.

For this and much more to come we give to God all the glory now as always in Jesus name. Amen!

Confessions of Faith – August 2016
August 2016; Our Month of New Beginnings and New things

In Jesus name we receive August 2016 as our month of New Beginnings and New things. Amen!

According as it is written our horn is exalted as the horn of a unicorn and we have been anointed with fresh oil. The Word of God is working mightily in us, the life of God Himself dominates every fibre of our being. – healing our bodies, restoring health to us and producing life from within. Hallelujah! Amen!

We have been made members of God’s very flesh and of His bones. Therefore we rise today and in this month to participate in the benefits of this divine nature and life. We have escaped every corruption that is in this world through lust. Glory to God! Hallelujah!

We partake and testify to the blessedness of God’s abundance. His goodness and His prodigal love. We are preserved and saved from the efforts of the enemy and our lives are spared by the mercies of our God. We increase financially, emotionally and we produce astounding results in Jesus name. Amen!

Our children and loved ones are strong, full of life and bubbling with intuitive intelligence. They think right thoughts, speak right words and take right act actions in Jesus name. Consciously and subconsciously they move in the right direction of their destinies. Meeting right people at right times at every place in Jesus name. Amen!

Our initiatives and businesses enjoy favourable policies and profitable market forces. The impart of all relevant factors serves to favour our righteous course. We sail in the direction of progress as we take mighty leaps of faith to receive new songs and new testimonies this month in Jesus name. Amen!

We call forth new babies, members, cars, houses, spouses, joys, anointing, levels, opportunities, perspectives, beginnings, records and indeed new lives in Christ Jesus. Amen!

Behold all things are made new for us in Jesus name. Hallelujah! Amen!

Our voice of victory will never go down and our lights will not be put out. The music and our tempo of accomplishments increases now in Jesus name. Our words are forcible and so are our acts. We decree and declare there shall be no loss whatsoever in Jesus name. Amen!

We thank God for our beloved country Nigeria, we declare that peace and progress multiplies in every region, zone and area in Jesus name. We accept responsibility and take ownership of Lagos State as a city God has given unto us. We rule on behalf of God in the affairs of men, commerce, trade and governance in Jesus name. Amen! We relocate to Hebron, a place of our own which God has given to us. We enjoy rest round about as a ministry.

Therefore, we make a sound of rejoicing – Hallelujah! And we give to God all the glory now as always, Amen!

Confessions of Faith – July 2016
July 2016; Our Month of Rests and Comforts

Bible reference: Ps.71:21, 1Kings 5:4

In Jesus name, we declare that every good and perfect gift is from God the father of light in whom there’s no shadow of turning nor variation. July 2016 is hereby received as a good and perfect gift with an inheritance of rest round about and comfort on every side in Jesus name. Amen!

God is faithful who has kept us from evil and blessed us with all His abundance day after day, week after week, months after months and years after years. We testify to the goodness of the God of VIRTUES who has never failed us in season and out of season. For He has kept every member of this great church, in joy and in every good thing. Hallelujah! Amen!

We thank God for the rich supply of His Word and the abundance of grace that has made all things available to us to abound unto every good work. Grace that has changed our weaknesses into strengths, and our shame into testimonies.

Our families make progress, our finances multiply, our health blossoms and our faith prevails. The Word of God is our wisdom. We obey divine instructions for divine distinctions. We make room for the workings of the Spirit of God in our lives as He speaks and perfects that which concerns our calling to glory and virtue. Amen!

We pray for our country Nigeria, you shall be great again. We retain the ownership of Lagos. We take ownership of the city and its inhabitants. We ascend into the control of activities of commerce and trade. The resources flow from our hands and to our hands. We receive the wisdom for the beautification and governance of the nations as we glorify the name of our God.

We also receive Hebron as a land of no affliction, war or evil occurrences. We pronounce PEACE and comfort roundabout us and ours now in Jesus name. Amen!

The grace of our Lord Jesus has made a rich supply of divine intelligence and unending resources available to us and we respond in faith to conquer and go conquering. Our God is glorified, His people are edified and the kingdom of darkness is terrified in Jesus name.

And we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!

Confessions of Faith – June 2016
June 2016: Our Month of Power, faith and Victories

God has ordained us for victories through our faith in the power and the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

We respond to this ordination and boldly declare June 2016 as our month of Power, Faith and Victories in Jesus name. Amen!

Beginning from our families to our affairs and every member in Jesus name we declare supernatural testimonies of victories in Jesus name. We denounce the carnal things of ungodliness and accept only the things which are after the likeness of God. We denounce sickness, poverty and death forever in Jesus name. We walk in healing, health peace and prosperity.

Every avenue through which the enemy may perpetuate evil is blocked now and forever in Jesus name. Amen!

Our sons and daughters respond to the promptings of God’s spirit. Together we take bold steps into a prosperous future covenanted to us in Christ Jesus. Through faith we excel and accomplish our desires. Hallelujah! Amen!

For all the guiding instructions we have received from our man of God, we translate them into actions for distinctions. Men come to our aid as appointed by God, policies are made in our favor. Our angels deliver us as commanded. They do not loose a battle because we are strengthened in Jesus name.

We validate the righteousness of God by witnessing him to men. Our steps are ordered by God therefore we have no lack. Amen!

As a ministry, we present ourselves a sweet smelling sacrifice, wholly and acceptable unto God. We take deeper walks with God. We work for God. We are a ministry where blessings lap upon blessings. A ministry God has helped.

According as it is written that a people shall flow into the house of God, we command the flow of people now in Jesus name. Signs and wonders are seen. Lives are changed. Industries affected as God is glorified.

Hebron is done. Lagos and Nigeria shall enjoy God’s covering as we arise to take possession of it at every sector of relevance to the governance of this nation. We are a blessed people indeed.

In this month of June we manifest the blessing. The power behind the covenant works for us. We give expression to the life of God. We fully express the wisdom of God in our daily affairs and we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen.

Confessions of Faith – May 2016
May 2016: Our Month of More Grace, Covenant Wealth and New Beginnings !!!

This is the day that the Lord has made, we rejoice and are glad in it. We receive and dedicate this month of May 2016 to be our month of More Grace, Covenant dimensions of wealth and New Beginnings in Jesus name! Amen!

The intervention of these vital forces will be obvious in our individual and corporate lives. They shall produce daunting proofs of God’s faithfulness. We experience irreversible blessings of God’s goodness. For the Lord is a sun and shield; He will give grace and glory unto us; He will rejoice over us with singing, Yes! we will also rejoice and be glad. For we are the object of His Love, the sheep of His pasture. He is our God. We are His righteousness, we are His people – Yes, we are His Pride! Hallelujah!

So we speak boldly into the month and call it forth for More Grace, Wealth and Health in Jesus name. There shall be healings, health and supernatural manifestations of God’s Power. Homes shall be restored. Lost dreams and items are found. Men are forgiven. Peace prevails, Joy is replenished as our God is glorified.

The sting of death is gone. The power of pain, insufficiency, depression and disappointment is stayed from us now in Jesus name. We declare Peace! Be still in all that concerns us in Jesus name! Amen!

It is written, ‘in famine and destruction, we shall laugh!’ Therefore, no tears of sorrow shall come to us in Jesus name. We forbid unfavourable reports. We convert messes into messages, tests into testimonies and pressure into power.

Our emotions, intellect and abilities are also empowered now in Jesus name. Our children, families, Church, ideas, efforts, finance and future are kept under the infallible covenant of God with us in Christ Jesus. Amen!

Let God be true and every other be liars. We declare that God’s Word to us as a Church is true. The Lord has begun to magnify us before all the people of the land. It’s the turn of a new year and we call forth all that is ours now in Jesus name. We also call forth our sons and daughters, helpers of destiny, people of influence and power to come in unto us and arise from amongst us in Jesus name.

We take over the industries, economies and territories for our God. We spread the love of Jesus and share the gospel of His salvation. Many are saved, healed and restored and filled with the power and person of the Holy Spirit through this commitment, this month in Jesus name. Amen!

Hebron – Be!. Lagos – Done!. Nigeria – Blessed! In Jesus name.

We take position in time and space in this nation. We are God’s voice of relevance in governance. Our businesses receive unparalleled acceptance, penetrations, expansions, opportunities and support. Our wings are spread and we have taken over. Hallelujah!

When all is said and done. Our testimony shall be of a people God has helped. A people born in due season. A people beautiful for situation and indeed marvellously helped by God. We are God’s pride and we give to Him alone all the glory now as always in Jesus name, Amen!

Confessions of Faith – April 2016
April 2016: Our Month of Favours and Acceleration.

We are a people of a great God, called by His name, called from the dark and delivered from shame. God has given us by His Spirit, grace and glory, wealth and honour, power and might. And we in turn give it all back to Him as our source and sustainer. Amen!

He is the sun of righteousness; with healing in his wings, we arise and soar in Him. We know Him and we are known of Him. We have become one with Him. He is our God. And we are His people. He is excellent and we have taken after Him. Amen!

Upon our understanding of prophetic declarations we receive this month of April 2016, as a month of acceleration and favours in Jesus name.

There shall be overlapping blessings and testimonies of progress. Doors of favour are flung open to us. People remember us for good to do us good. We also are distributors of good things to those connected to us. Abundance is our portion, prosperity our heritage. Our sons and daughters are promoted and kept by the power of God. Our ideas and faith rule and overcome this world in Jesus name. Amen!

We hereby also prophesy that there shall be no loss of life or property amongst us. All of us as children of God almighty are for signs and wonders. We prevail over principalities and powers. We are healed from the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet. We conquer and go conquering. For our God is with us, He is in us and He is for us. Therefore no one can be against us in Jesus name. Hallelujah!

LAGOS is ours. Hebron is done. We receive the help of men and angels to build this sanctuary for our God. We raise men of influence and develop a people of power. Our country Nigeria is blessed. We speak wisdom and might to the leadership. Nigeria is great again. Amen!

This month, every thanks giver will supernaturally receive another reason to yet testify and their testimonies shall be permanent. We are supply conscious and covenant minded. For God Almighty is the God of VIRTUES. We are marvellously helped by Him. Amen!

We know who we are. We are Gods pride and we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!

Confessions of Faith – March 2016
March 2016: Our Month of Significance In The Things That Matter.

Because the spirit of the lord is upon me and lives in me today, I decree and declare that in this month of March 2016, my life enjoys significance in the things that count in Jesus name. Amen!

2016 is a year of grace and according as it has been said, we enter into the harvest of 16 years now in Jesus name. Amen!

We produce outstanding results in fruitfulness, multiplication, dominion and replenishing of the earth in Jesus name. We gain revelation into God’s holistic thoughts. Direction and victories are ours. We conquer and go conquering. We prosper and increase as we have increased in Jesus name. God has given to us the ownership rights to this earth and the blessing and its fruits are delight-some to us in Jesus name. Amen!

We speak to our ideas, children, family and loved ones they are blessed and protected. We invoke the power in the blood to speak for us and bring us favourable encounters in abundance and sufficiency in Jesus name. To our beautiful country Nigeria, we speak peace be still; to LAGOS we say you are ours. Hebron is established by the abundant supply of Gods grace. Amen!

For we have been exalted far above principalities and powers, as soon as they hear our voice they shall bow to us. Evil shall not come near our dwelling. The powers of wickedness and the token of liars and accusers is silenced now in Jesus name. We have escaped like a bird, our souls have been redeemed by the Blood of the lamb and secured by His resurrection. We declare restoration now and pray ease to walk in obedience to God in Jesus mighty name.

We are sensitive to His spirit and responsive to His love and power. We acknowledge every good thing that is in us in Christ Jesus. He who has begun a good work will perfect it in us in Jesus name. Heaven’s richest and best is ours and we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!

Confessions of Faith – February 2016
February 2016: Our Month of Joyful Victories Through Faith.

In Jesus name we declare that we are blessed and blessed to be a blessing. In this life, we are made by Jesus Christ, to become Kings and Priests unto our God. We have been exalted and made to sit with Him far above all principalities and powers. We take sides with this knowledge and with the Spirit of God. We take over here on earth. Hallelujah!

As beneficiaries of the grace of God…we reign in life. For we have received abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. We have obtained victory through the blood and mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ. Victory over the powers of sin and death. Victory over accusations of hell and its representatives. Every waggling tongue and raging temper is silenced and destroyed now in Jesus name.

For it is written ‘the sceptre will not depart from Judah’…Yes, from this day the Lord has begun to exalt us right before everyone in Jesus name. While we look not at things which are seen, but the things which are not seen. For we have received grace and we enter by revelation into an elevation above every circumstance in Jesus name. Amen!

As a church, the eyes of our understanding is enlightened; we are filled with wisdom and revelation of God in the knowledge of Him. We have might and strength in the spirit of our inner man. We do not observe lying vanities therefore we also do not forsake our own mercy. Our off springs are blessed. God also has given us the city and the city gates of Lagos. The temple of our God- Hebron, is built.

We pray for our country and her leaders. God will help them. We pray for ourselves, we arise and express God’s grace upon us for governance. We are blessed. We are lifted and we give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!

Confessions of Faith – January 2016
January 2016: Our Month of Creative Beginnings.

We boldly declare that we are covenant minded and supply conscious in Jesus name. We embrace the gift of a new year as God’s love demonstrated and as an opportunity for us to fulfil destiny. We therefore declare that January 2016 is our month of Creative Beginnings in Jesus name. Amen!

Our faith is built on the goodness and mercies of the Lord who has made all things beautiful. We step into creative beginnings this January. We begin by creating with our words our desired future.

We speak into the womb of the year to bring forth a harvest in Jesus name. As a ministry, we declare a harvest of saved and multiplied souls; increase in relevance and capacity. As individuals we increase in numbers and testimonies. We begin with joy and gladness and we come back rejoicing.

To our children, family, finances, church and even nation we prophecy peace. We declare our beginning is great. Resources match up with our dreams. We align with God’s perfect will in time and season. As a church we build according to the will of God. We build according to pattern. We take delivery of Hebron – Our covenant place.

LAGOS is ours. The border gates are open to us on a global scale. We are powerful. We are accepted and relevant. Our influence and position is strategic and timely. To our country Nigeria we speak peace. To the nations of the world we say Jesus is Lord.

Our leadership is blessed. We know no regrets. We excel and are comforted on every side. We know who we are. I know who I am. And We give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!