December 2016: Our Month of Beautiful Perfections

Today we express our profound gratitude to God for keeping us in Jesus name. We celebrate the gift of life to see the month of December 2016. And as it is declared, we receive it as our month of beautiful perfections. Hallelujah!

This month everything that concerns us is perfected in Jesus name. God will complete that which He has begun in our family, finance, church and faith. We pronounce blessings of all forms upon us as a church and as individuals. We call the forces of life and godliness to multiply upon all that concerns us in Jesus name. We possess our Hebron as ours. We declare the arrangements and possession of the property is ours in our favor. Amen!

We decree and declare our victory over all the elements of life that seek to hinder our fruitfulness. We are fruitful and relevant in every sphere. We are lifted beyond the constraints. We multiply in number and proportions. We take our divine allocation of Lagos and beyond in Jesus name. We command the ministries and industries of finance and relevance to come under our direct guidance in Jesus name. Our grace enjoys relevance in governance.

We receive the penetrative insights into the next year 2017 and proclaim that its promises will be harvested into our realities. We are delivered from every power of darkness. We are children of light. We pronounce grace upon our lives in Jesus name. Amen!

We acknowledge we are a people God has helped. We are enabled by the Spirit and the power of the most high God. We are the apple of God’s eyes. We empowered with divine life. We get divine results. We know who we are. We are Kings and priests and we give to God all the glory now as always in Jesus name. Amen!