Although it is yet to be fully understood, I have come to realize that God is not infatuated with me, He is in Love with me. Haven experienced both (love and infatuation), I can say with a clearer sense of understanding that God loves me. God loves us, permanently. Hallelujah!

You see, He ensured that the principle in creation is what creates our world. In other words, He laid down succinct examples of Himself and life just so we can at will always create (purchase if you will) whatever we want, at our own time, at His own expense. And what’s more it will be exactly according to His will.

When you see God this way, it will affect the way you live your life, pray and interact with your environment. It will inform your expectations from and of God and consequently your true to life…!
So, knowing He is in love with you may sometimes get into your head (if ever it will…) but be sure He’s a lover and mentor enough to put you back into line.

The emphasis here is to focus on a good God of infinite kindness. One who has released anything for our life and godly living to us, accessible by the law of creation through faith, on the bill His grace. Hallelujah!

So speak, declare His love. Don’t cry. Pray and declare in faith God’s will about you. Refuse to be afraid and let’s see the love of God manifest in around you this year.

Creative Beginnings. Let the miracles begin!!!