September 2016: Our Month of Significance and Sufficiency

Once again we take delivery of God’s gift of a new month to us as individuals and as a ministry. We celebrate and rejoice at the opportunity God has granted us to see the dawn of this new month.

We therefore christen it as our month of Significance and Sufficiency. We take delivery of its bounties and glad tidings in Jesus name. Amen!

We thank God for the year 2016 till date. And we insist that all that was ever missing be restored to us now. Like David in the Bible we have pursued and indeed recovered all. Nothing missing nor broken in Jesus name. Amen!

We operate in the dominion of superior thinking patterns and beautiful mindsets. We have good understanding of life and issues. And take precise decisions favourable for our righteous cause. Our appetites are set aright. Our associations are strategic. Our alliances are brilliant, our faith works; God’s Word works in us mightily and prevails in Jesus name.

The covenant keeping God is our source and sustain-er- Hallelujah!

And for anyone who may have had delays or fruitless waiting, we receive the speedy work of the Spirit of God for such a person in Jesus name. Our lives and affairs are set in the direction of God’s plans.

We are anointed to accomplish feats and bring many to the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus. Souls are saved by our witness. Yokes are destroyed and burdens are permanently lifted in Jesus name. Amen!

As a church, our banners are lifted, our natural and spiritual children arise and sit in significant places to rule in this land as one that the lord God has given to us and established us in. This land and city of Lagos brings forth in our favour – surplus and sufficiency, as we possess it as ours in Jesus name. Amen!

Everyone connected to us begin to locate God’s positioning for him or her. We attract and give out the right energy with the right responses to issues no matter how complicated or mundane. The wisdom of God is working actively in me and His power is revealed in my life as I grow in the things of God. I begin to work for God as God has been working for me.

To The leadership of our beloved country Nigeria we speak help. We bring forth mighty solutions to dissolve the complexities of governance as leaders and captains of all sectors emerge from amongst us in Jesus name.

Hebron- Be! in Jesus name. Amen!

So we decline and rebuke every clandestine activity against us. We obtain the mercy and intervention of the Spirit of God. There shall be no loss of life or property. Neither shall any cast their young. Babies are born as at when due. Testimonies multiply! Our angels deliver their duties precisely.

For this and much more to come we give to God all the glory now as always in Jesus name. Amen!