January 2016: Our Month of Creative Beginnings.

We boldly declare that we are covenant minded and supply conscious in Jesus name. We embrace the gift of a new year as God’s love demonstrated and as an opportunity for us to fulfil destiny. We therefore declare that January 2016 is our month of Creative Beginnings in Jesus name. Amen!

Our faith is built on the goodness and mercies of the Lord who has made all things beautiful. We step into creative beginnings this January. We begin by creating with our words our desired future.

We speak into the womb of the year to bring forth a harvest in Jesus name. As a ministry, we declare a harvest of saved and multiplied souls; increase in relevance and capacity. As individuals we increase in numbers and testimonies. We begin with joy and gladness and we come back rejoicing.

To our children, family, finances, church and even nation we prophecy peace. We declare our beginning is great. Resources match up with our dreams. We align with God’s perfect will in time and season. As a church we build according to the will of God. We build according to pattern. We take delivery of Hebron – Our covenant place.

LAGOS is ours. The border gates are open to us on a global scale. We are powerful. We are accepted and relevant. Our influence and position is strategic and timely. To our country Nigeria we speak peace. To the nations of the world we say Jesus is Lord.

Our leadership is blessed. We know no regrets. We excel and are comforted on every side. We know who we are. I know who I am. And We give to God all the glory now as always. Amen!