Confessions of Faith April 2017

April 2017: Or Month of Transformations and Triumphs Thanks be unto God who leads us in a triumphant procession as we are transformed from one level of glory to another level of glory. We thank God for keeping us safe, sound and progressive all through the year and we decree and declare in faith that… Read more »

Confessions of Faith March 2017

Our Month of Looking and Moving Forward Today and again we take sides with the Spirit of God Almighty. We choose to cooperate with Him. We learn of Him and from Him as we lean on Him. We respond to His promptings as we obtain a rich supply of His grace for this month, March… Read more »

Confessions of Faith February 2017

Our Month of Goodness, Grace and Mercy The light of God’s Word has illuminated our year 2017; His glory rising and shining in and through us, His grace causing our lives to radiate goodness, excellence and life. Hallelujah! Therefore accepting the 28 days of February as our month of God’s goodness, grace and mercy is… Read more »

Confessions of Faith January 2017

JANUARY 2017: OUR MONTH OF INFINITE LIGHTS AND INSIGHTS The Word of God is my light through out January 2017. We believe God has given us this New Year to witness that He is a good God to us individually and for us corporately as a Church. We discern the wisdom of God this month… Read more »

Confessions of Faith-December 2016

December 2016: Our Month of Beautiful Perfections Today we express our profound gratitude to God for keeping us in Jesus name. We celebrate the gift of life to see the month of December 2016. And as it is declared, we receive it as our month of beautiful perfections. Hallelujah! This month everything that concerns us… Read more »

Confessions of Faith-November 2016

November 2016: Our Month of God’s Manifested Abilities We receive this month of November 2016, as our month of divine abilities and willingness. We receive the manifested abilities of God Almighty into our lives as we anticipate supernatural and spectacular miracles this eleventh month in Jesus name. Amen! We surrender to the omnipotence of our… Read more »

Confessions of Faith – October 2016

October 2016: Our Month of Completeness And Perfections Philippians 1:6 & Psalms 138:8 We have come through the year 2016 with joy and gladness. God has been good to us as individuals and as a ministry. And what He has started we commit to Him to perfect and complete this month in Jesus name. His… Read more »

Confessions of Faith – September 2016

September 2016: Our Month of Significance and Sufficiency Once again we take delivery of God’s gift of a new month to us as individuals and as a ministry. We celebrate and rejoice at the opportunity God has granted us to see the dawn of this new month. We therefore christen it as our month of… Read more »

Confessions of Faith – August 2016

August 2016; Our Month of New Beginnings and New things In Jesus name we receive August 2016 as our month of New Beginnings and New things. Amen! According as it is written our horn is exalted as the horn of a unicorn and we have been anointed with fresh oil. The Word of God is… Read more »

Confessions of Faith – July 2016

July 2016; Our Month of Rests and Comforts Bible reference: Ps.71:21, 1Kings 5:4 In Jesus name, we declare that every good and perfect gift is from God the father of light in whom there’s no shadow of turning nor variation. July 2016 is hereby received as a good and perfect gift with an inheritance of… Read more »

Confessions of Faith – June 2016

June 2016: Our Month of Power, faith and Victories God has ordained us for victories through our faith in the power and the name of our lord Jesus Christ. We respond to this ordination and boldly declare June 2016 as our month of Power, Faith and Victories in Jesus name. Amen! Beginning from our families… Read more »

Confessions of Faith – May 2016

May 2016: Our Month of More Grace, Covenant Wealth and New Beginnings !!! This is the day that the Lord has made, we rejoice and are glad in it. We receive and dedicate this month of May 2016 to be our month of More Grace, Covenant dimensions of wealth and New Beginnings in Jesus name!… Read more »

Confessions of Faith – April 2016

April 2016: Our Month of Favours and Acceleration. We are a people of a great God, called by His name, called from the dark and delivered from shame. God has given us by His Spirit, grace and glory, wealth and honour, power and might. And we in turn give it all back to Him as… Read more »